POC release a brand-new road helmet with a carbon wing

July 15, 2024

POC is proud to release its brand-new performance road helmet, the Cytal Carbon. Developed to establish a new benchmark in high-performance helmets, the Cytal Carbon pioneers a new approach to safety, aerodynamics, and ventilation, thanks in part to the inclusion of an advanced handmade carbon wing.

The Cytal Carbon, used and seen on many of the EF Pro Cycling riders in recent weeks, will be available immediately in selected online and retail stores and on www.poc.com.

Introducing the Cytal Carbon, Oscar Huss, Chief Product Officer at POC, said

"With the Cytal Carbon we asked ourselves how we could take our knowledge of developing high-performance road helmets and take it to another level of safety, aerodynamics and cooling. In particular, we wanted to enhance a rider's performance with even more ventilation and cooling, which is critical to human performance. By challenging conventional thinking, using unique materials and developing new shapes, we found an answer by creating a brand-new helmet and integrating a carbon wing handmade in Italy. And we are extremely positive about the result."



The Cytal Carbon continues to use the Venturi effect, POC's well-known and respected approach to airflow and ventilation in its helmets. The handmade carbon wing, inspired by high-performance race car use, is formed in Italy to a very precise shape, creating superior ventilation and cooling across the whole head. To encourage airflow and create precise pressure zones inside the helmet, the carbon has a variable shape and thickness, much like a wing, to increase air velocity and enhance helmet cooling. The result is our most ventilated road helmet to date.

Tested in the wind tunnel and fine-tuned with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) testing, the carbon wing design and its material strength also allow for increased frontal air intakes, allowing even more air to flow freely into the helmet. Combined with the linear interior channels to guide airflow and joined exit ports, vast amounts of airflow pass through and out of the helmet, all cooling the rider in the process.

Cytal Carbon has been subject to extensive CFD simulation, windtunnel testing, and real-world testing with EF Pro Cycling riders.


Ventilation and cooling are essential for modern performance, as is aerodynamics, and the Cytal Carbon has been subject to extensive CFD simulation, windtunnel testing, and real-world testing with EF Pro Cycling riders.

The Cytal Carbon's aerodynamic performance, especially at higher speeds, has also been improved. The integration of the carbon wing supports a different development approach to material design and has allowed for bigger frontal ports designed to cut through the air.

The precise size and angles of the Cytal Carbon frontal air intakes capture and lead air through the helmet instead of around it, significantly reducing the high-pressure zone at the front of the helmet. An aerodynamically optimized design manages residual air flowing over and around the helmet, reducing turbulence and maintaining a linear airflow off the helmet and rider, improving the helmet and rider's aerodynamic performance.


All POC helmets are built with safety and the POC mission as the cornerstone of the development and design process. Regular certification testing for the Cytal Carbon is a typical prerequisite, but the helmet has been subject to POC's expert in-house FEM (Finite Element Model) research and testing, which is a fundamental guide to innovation and material use in the development process. Created to question many more safety variables, our FEM modelling process ensures that we deliver products that live up to our internal safety demands and is the process that influenced the carbon wing. In addition, the process also inspired the Koridion core sandwiched between the wing's carbon sheets to enhance safety by managing and transferring forces across the helmet, strengthening the helmet's overall integrity.

Created to question many more safety variables, our FEM modelling process ensures that we deliver products that live up to our internal safety demands and is the process that influenced the carbon wing.

POC uses its 'Whole Helmet Concept™' in all its helmet development and design to ensure that the helmet is greater than the sum of its parts. Details in the Cytal Carbon, such as material quality and shape, uni-body construction, precise EPS density zones, ergonomic straps, eye garage, and adjustment system for individual comfort and secure fit, all work seamlessly together. It is also the process and foundation that has led to Cytal Carbon achieving the highest (five-star) rating through Virginia Tech's independent testing.

PRODUCT AND TECHNICAL FEATURES   • The Cytal Carbon features an integrated lightweight carbon wing, which improves ventilation and aerodynamic performance. • The Koridion-filled carbon wing improves safety, helmet integrity, and force distribution. • Extreme cooling and ventilation due to ports and innovative internal airflow design. • Tested at Virgina Tech and awarded a five-star rating. • Structurally optimized helmet with precise ventilation ports to control the air intake and release at high and low speeds. • Design optimized with CFD testing for aerodynamic performance and minimal air turbulence. • High-performance EPS liner with targeted and optimized density to provide the ideal balance of low weight and crash protection. • Fully wrapped uni-body shell construction to increase safety and helmet integrity. • Lightweight size adjustment system for comfort and a personalized fit, with the option of 360-degree padding and fit. • Optimized PC shell for safety, durability and balance. • Easily adjustable precision straps anchored to the helmet liner for extra comfort and safety. • Eye garage to keep your sunglasses securely in position when placed on the helmet. • Used by EF Pro Cycling team riders. • Sizes - Small (50-56), Medium (54-59), Large (56-61). • Weight - 250 g CE (Size M).

The EF Pro Cycling performance team have been an integral part of the development process, as described by Andreas Klier, performance head, EF Pro Cycling:

"We know the importance of aerodynamics and the difference it can make in a race. And as we know more about human performance that can equally be said for cooling and ventilation, which is why having a helmet that excels at both is such an advantage. We spent a lot of time working with POC's engineers to fine-tune the details, and we, and the riders, are really positive with the results."



POC’s internal testing has been measured against its Ventral helmets and across a range of speeds (30km/h to 60km/h) and yaw angles.

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The Cytal Carbon will be available to buy at www.poc.com and in selected stores and online immediatley. Availability in APAC will follow a little later in the summer.




SEK 3.999 / NOK 3.999 / CHF 449 / JPY 56.000 / EUR 400 / GBP 360 / AUD 575 / NZD 665 / USD 400 / CAD 500 / DKK 2.999

Cytal Carbon product page

EU: https://poc.com/product/cytal-carbon-uranium-black 
APAC: https://poc.com/product/cytal-carbon-as-nzs-uranium-black
NA: https://poc.com/product/cytal-carbon-cpsc-uranium-black

CertificationThe Cytal Carbon will be available in CE, CPSC and AS/NZS 2063 certification.

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