POC is a Swedish protection brand and manufacturer of helmets, eyewear, protection and apparel in snow sports and cycling. The Company was founded in Sweden 2004 and the headquarter is located at Nackagatan 4 in Stockholm.



POC has a crystal clear vision to create uncompromising products with the perfect combination of safety, performance and design. When we develop a product, we are solving a problem and materialising our mission. Function and purpose will always come first and design is something that we handle naturally, and with pride.

Tech, science & research

POC LAB is our in-house hub for intel within various scientific, medical and
technological fields. With a single mission to drive innovation, push boundaries, question conventions and raise the bar within protection. To further support our mission of protecting lives, POC wants to be the company to first introduce new materials, ideas and technologies to our athletes and users.

Our Tech and Research team work mainly with research, exploration, pre-studies and tech implementation. The Tech and research team at POC LAB
takes a holistic and explorative approach to safety and develops ideas and
perspectives that may not have been previously considered.


The POC Lab Advisory board members bring expertise from different fields and introduce new perspectives to the kinds of problems we work to overcome when developing products.

Members include leading spinal cord injury expert Claes Hultling, professor at the Spinal Cord Injury unit at Karolinska Institutet and founder of the Spinalis Foundation; Magdelena Lindman, a traffic safety specialist formerly of Volvo Cars and now at IF Insurance; and Per Hamid Ghatan, a head trauma specialist who was instrumental in changing laws in Sweden regarding helmet usage for under-16s.

POC and Autoliv have been working together to assess the potential of using airbag technology in helmets. World-first crash test of bike helmets against cars together with Volvo Cars.


POC will never compromise on safety. Whilst safety on the road or mountains is at our core, we work hard to keep the planet safe as well.

A lot of our products are a natural part of a sustainable transport solution, by getting more people on bikes, but as a company putting products on the market, we need to be mindful of the resources.

Project Blueprint is our long-term and ongoing commitment to lower our environmental impact without jeopardising the safety of our products. Read more: Project Blueprint

The Myelin is POC's first helmet that has been constructed with 50% recycled material. Engineered to be deconstructed, all different materials used in the helmet can be separated and sorted in line with local requirements, guidelines and availability.

Protect the passionate

We are blessed with colleagues and co-workers that are truly passionate
about our business and community. The love for our sports has led to a unique work environment and it’s up to us to nourish and protect that passion.

This shared love, and a genuine desire to protect all of those who are active in our communities, fuels our desire to keep innovating to find new ways of bringing together performance and protection.


Awards are fantastic and we are proud that our approach has led to hundreds of them.

But awards don’t come close to the feeling we get when receiving emails, phone calls and messages from fans and customers all over the world. That is the main reason why we go to work everyday.



The Procen Air, a time-trial inspired helmet for the peloton, was released and instantly took race wins on EF Pro Cycling riders.


The Procen, a new time trial helmet, was launched, introducing new innovations to visor positioning to minimise fogging.


The Omne Eternal is released. The helmet features solar cell technology from Exeger so the integrated rear light can charge from any light source, indoors and outdoors, with no need for you to remember to plug the helmet in.


A partnership with twICEme® allowed us to for the first time add an NFC Medical ID chip to a helmet, creating the helmet that can speak for you when you can’t.


The Ventral helmet platform was launched. By using our whole-helmet approach to development, we were able to deliver unparalleled levels of aerodynamic performance, safety and ventilation without compromises


Together with Zeiss, POC developed Clarity lens technology.


The Coron and Tectal helmets were launched.

The Aspire sunglasses were released.


POC’s airbag vest released. It consisted of integrated sensors and used a precise algorithm to distinguish between a crash or fall from the normal forces associated with Alpine racing.


POC and Volvo Cars started a safety collaboration.


New TT helmet the Tempor used by Gustav Larsson at the Olympic Games in London.

The same year the AVIP collection (Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection) was presented, taking a holistic approach to protecting road cyclists.


VPD (Visco-elastic Polymer Dough) was introduced. Due to its high level of protection and the ability to transition from soft to hard during impact, our communities no longer had to choose between safety and freedom of movement.


A full cycling collection was launched, starting in the gravity segment with the Cortex and Receptor Flow helmets.

The same year POC’s relationship with Mips begins.


Julia Mancuso wins Olympic Gold in Skull Comp/Iris Comp.


Alpine race collection presented with the Skull helmet platform as the leading product, together with Iris goggle and body protection. The world’s first “semi hard-shell” helmets, with unique features such as pneumatic honeycomb dampening and ballistic aramid protection against penetrating objects were revealed.


POC was founded in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden. POC LAB Advisory board was founded the same day.