The POC Snow collection features helmets, body protection and goggles for all kinds of skiing and snowboarding. Explore the range and find protection that answers the call of the mountains.


  1. Multi-functional helmet tested to ski, mountaineering and cycle safety standards.

  2. Highly packable.

  3. Personalisable with features that can be easily added or removed.



230,00 EUR

10 Colors

The science of multiple certification

Discover the processes and testing involved in creating the triple-certified Calyx helmet.

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VPD System Back
  1. Highly flexible back protector

  2. Certified to EN1621-2, Level 1 standards

  3. Highly ventilated

Protecting your back is vital while skiing and snowboarding, but so is having a full range of movement. Use a VPD protector for absolute freedom of movement and ultimate flexibility.

VPD: The material to protect your mobility

VPD, or visco-elastic polymer dough, mouldes to and moves with your body. It hardens instantly at the point of impact, then quickly returns to its former state so you can carry on.

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Marco Odermatt signature series

While growing up, Marco Odermatt always wanted to wear the same as the racers he idolised. Now, humbled that the next generation looks up to him, he wanted to give the chance to wear the same protection, featuring his instantly recognisable lion design.


The POCito collection for children embodies our focus on the importance of proactive protection. All POCito products are constructed to the same exacting standards as our adult products, and use colours and details optimised to enhance visibility.

We believe that by working to ensure children are highly noticeable, we increase the chances of avoiding collisions.