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Opsin Clarity Comp

160,00 EUR

The Opsin Clarity Comp gives visual confidence for all kinds of skiing. A cylindrical lens shape and wide frame gives trust in vision in all conditions, and a Clarity Comp lens keeps vision sharp when it matters most.


Hydrogen White/Uranium Black


Spektris Blue

Lens guide

Apophyllite Green
Aventurine Yellow/Uranium Black
Flerovium Pink/Uranium Black
Fluorescent Orange/Hydrogen White
Hydrogen White
Hydrogen White/Uranium Black
Natrium Blue
Uranium Black
Uranium Black/Hydrogen White


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Product benefits

  1. Cylindrical lens shape

  2. Clarity Comp lenses

  3. High-density strap

  4. High-density ventilation foam

The Opsin Clarity Comp ski goggles are designed to inspire trust in vision in competition setting...

Technical Details