Featuring helmets, body protection and apparel for every type of riding, our cycling collections are all developed to ensure that however you choose to ride, you can perform at your best and stay safe with a distinct Swedish style.

Mountain bike

Kortal Race MIPS
  1. Eye garage

  2. Goggle compatible ventilation

  3. Patented breakaway peak

At POC, we strive to integrate groundbreaking technologies to keep you fully protected. Technologies like the patented breakaway peak on this Kortal Race MIPS mountain bike helmet sit alongside safety features like rotational impact protection from MIPS or a radar reflector from RECCO to help keep you protected before, during and after any accident.

VPD: The material to protect your mobility

Protecting your body, as well as your head, is vital while mountain biking. But to get the most from your experience on the bike, freedom of movement is vital. Discover why we use VPD, or visco-elastic polymer dough, when we create body protection.

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Ventral Air MIPS
  1. CFD tested

  2. 22° trailing edge minimizes turbulence

  3. Eye garage

POC road cycling helmets are tailored to perform in specific situations. Models like the Ventral Air Mips are optimised for ultimate comfort in hot weather or while climbing, thanks to the large airflow channels running through the helmet. Extensive CFD (computational fluid dynamics) proved these channels keep air flowing at both low and high speeds, helping keep you cool and comfortable on even the hottest climb.

Pair the helmet with the Elicit sunglasses for a Seamless Fit that gives lightweight protection.

The Procen Air: Breaking conventions in the peloton

A close working collaboration with the EF Pro Cycling teams and a keen focus on speed resulted in the new Procen Air: the helmet that breaks conventions. Read the full story to discover what makes it so fast and why it is proving so popular with the pros.


The helmet that will keep you safest is the one you choose to wear. With this ethos in mind, we developed the Myelin, the helmet made for the city. A discreet silhouette couples with fabric outer shell, ensuring the helmet naturally complements your wardrobe choice, making it an easy choice for daily wear.

The unique construction of the helmet makes it easy to separate all materials at the end of the helmet’s life, so it can easily be sorted and recycled where possible. To learn the full story, read the journal.