VPD: The material to protect your mobility

February 28, 2024

One of the fundamentals at the very heart of mountain biking is the fact that we expose ourselves to varying levels of risk every time we ride. It has for years been an unwritten rule to always wear a helmet; and increasingly, wearing at least some body protection is the norm.

Different riders and styles of riding require different levels of protection, but certain features, like flexibility and freedom of movement—as well as impact force absorption—are vital for all protectors and all riders.

The kind of body protection you wear can significantly affect your riding, your line choice and how comfortable you feel on the bike.

To help determine which protection is right for you, all our protectors are categorised into three broad groups based on their characteristics, ranging from Max for maximum protection to Air for an exceptional level of freedom of movement.

The standards

We test our body armour to the European EN1621 standard. Originally developed for motorcycle body armour, it has become the norm used across the bike and snowsports industries, given the similar types of impacts and forces users may experience.

A key difference, however, is the range of body movement the wearer needs while performing. Here, we work to ensure that freedom of movement is always as high as possible.

Protectors are graded to Level 1 or Level 2 standard, where Level 2 offers the most impact protection.

The Groups


Maximum protection for everyone who wants to be totally safeguarded.

Comprising the Oseus and VPD 2.0 families, this group of protectors is designed for managing bigger hits. The shapes of the thicker protectors are optimised to maintain as much freedom of movement as possible without compromising on protection.


Race-ready protection with the perfect balance between performance and protection.

The VPD System and System Lite families of protectors are a natural choice for many different styles of riding. Generally reaching the higher level of protection, these pieces are constructed from more ventilated VPD types to give better breathability, making them a natural choice when riding in technical terrain where a lot of pedalling is still required.


Intuitive, lightweight and ventilated protection.

Our lightest and most flexible protectors, the VPD Air and VPD Air Flow families offer exceptional freedom of movement. Generally certified to the Level 1 standards, these protectors focus on ensuring you can move your joints—and your entire body—completely freely. However, they offer slightly less protection against impact forces than our other groups of protectors.

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