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The Cooling Power of a carbon wing

A handmade carbon wing featuring a Koridion core lies at the centre of a new approach to performance, ventilation and protection visible in the new Cytal Carbon road cycling helmet.


POC release a brand-new road helmet with a carbon wing

POC is proud to release its brand-new performance road helmet, the Cytal Carbon. Developed to establish a new benchmark in high-performance helmets, the Cytal Carbon pioneers a new approach to safety, aerodynamics, and ventilation, thanks in part to the inclusion of an advanced handmade carbon wing.

gif showing the migration amani collection

Team Amani migration edition helmet and eyewear

POC and Team AMANI are proud to release the Migration edition collection of helmets and eyewear. The new gold Ventral Air is combined with matching gold Devour Ultra sunglasses, each featuring a unique lanyard made by hand at the Maji Moto Maasai Women's project, a cultural centre and refuge for vulnerable Maasai women.

Magdalena Lindman discussing with Per Hamid Ghatan and Claes Hultling

POC Lab advisory board – Magdalena Lindman

Magdalena Lindman is a person of many talents. The leader of a team of traffic safety data experts at Volvo Cars, she is a mechanical engineer by training, with a professional knowledge of biomechanics and a detailed understanding of strategic approaches to safer environments.

Claes Hulting discussing with Per Hamid Ghatan and Oscar Huss

POC Lab advisory board – Claes Hultling

“A broken leg is a broken leg, but a broken soul does not heal in the same way. You cannot put a broken soul in a cast.” Dr Claes Hultling, a world leader in the treatment of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), a tetraplegic who suffered life-changing injuries in a diving accident 35 years ago, and a member of the POC Lab, speaks in direct terms that do much to express his fighting spirit.

Image of POC Lab member Per Hamid Ghatan

POC Lab advisory board – Per Hamid Ghatan

Per Hamid Ghatan MD, PhD embodies the scientific credentials of the POC Lab. A leading expert in head trauma and brain injury, whose tireless efforts for his patients led to a law in Sweden that makes helmet use compulsory for cyclists aged 15 and under, he has worked closely with a host of companies driven by innovation. He regards POC as the gold standard.

Image of POC Lab

Great minds think together

It is not simply finished products that change people’s lives; rather it is the concepts and ideas that shape these products. It is only through having the freedom and the space to develop ideas that real change can happen. And often, a different perspective is vital before new solutions can materialize. Take, for example, how Superglue came to be: First developed to be used in the production of a gun sight, it was too strong and not fit for purpose, but nine years later with another perspective there was the Eureka moment, from which the world was introduced to a universal glue that has gone on to impact most people’s lives and led to countless imitations

Image of Team Amani rider

Levelling the playing field – Team Amani

In 2021 the world saw the dawn of a new era in African off-road bike racing with the Migration Gravel race. An international field, consisting of some of the world’s finest professional gravel racers and the biggest cycling talents from East Africa, took on spectacular routes through the Masai Mara, over an arduous multi-day course. It’s a landscape that would have never dreamed of being the backdrop for a competitive bike race, but it started more than a race. It starting to level the playing field.

Image of Craig Murray and Kristofer Turdell touring up a ridge

Ready for anything in Riksgränsen

In skiing, conditions are constantly changing. Temperatures rise and fall, snow melts and refreezes, the wind blows, and the light fades. So there's no better place to be tested by extreme conditions than Riksgränsen, a mountainous wilderness in the heart of the Swedish Arctic. It's where dark winter days contrast with bright summer nights, and the snow lasts from September through June.

Image of Jeremy Jones snowboarding

Pioneer spirit

Jeremy Jones has been a bright star on the snowboarding scene for more than 20 years. As a true pioneer of the sport, leading the way with a new way of accessing the mountains with snowboards and working with mother nature, today he’s more relevant than ever.

Image of Kortal being crafted

Different by design

Everything starts with a reason: a question that needs a solution. It’s never simply about creating protection that works, the question is how to ensure a user stays as safe as possible while having the freedom to perform at their best.

Image of IBIS rider

Small and perfectly formed

In 1980 a young hippie living on the US west coast read an article about this new “Clunker Bike” movement that was happening in various places around the country, especially in Marin County, California, and Crested Butte, Colorado.

Image of Lachlan Morton wins Unbound 2024

Lachlan Morton wins the 2024 unbound gravel

Our Aussie gravel star makes it fourth time lucky in Emporia UNBOUND Gravel was the race that started it all for Lachlan Morton back in 2019 when it was still part of his “alternative calendar.” It was the race that saw him shift focus from road to gravel and new pursuits, and it’s been the race that’s eluded him as well. No more.

Image of Kajsa Larsson and friend touring at Sylarna

Eager to learn

Learning is a constant process. We are eager to learn without being aware of it. As kids, we figure out how to walk, the opening times for the supermarket, and approximately when the sun sets. We learn from those wiser than us. We make mistakes, learn from them, and grow. We can also learn through determination, led by the relentless pursuit of our dreams.

Yu Sasaki

Home is where the heart is

Skiing is always a journey. Whether it is a run from top to bottom at the local ski hill or a road trip to the tallest mountain on the horizon; to earn the reward, you have to be willing to put in the work. Sometimes that means laying down a day’s wages for a lift ticket. Other times it could mean six months in the gym rehabbing a blown knee so you can get back out there next winter. Somedays we get lucky and score perfect conditions without even trying. But usually, the harder we work, the more patient we are, the further we venture, the better the reward.

Mai Ikusawa wearing Levator

Mai Ikuzawa – Break with convention

It’s easy to want to think differently, to want to see the world in a different way, going beyond the normal way of doing things. Different to be different maybe. But it’s altogether another thing to be a naturally creative force, establishing a way of thinking and doing that is not necessarily taught, instead it’s a projection of natural character, upbringing and experience. With an international upbringing swathed over a diverse background in motor racing, mountain culture and a cosmopolitan urban life, Mai Ikuzawa is that force, exuding a vision that naturally emanates from her heritage and DNA.

image of Elicit Ti being 3D printed

Considered Performance

In developing the Elicit Ti, we sought to find a way to deliver all the benefits needed to stay at the cutting edge of performance cycling while being considerate of the resources we use.

Image of Team 31

The meaning of Team 31

An indisputable fact of life is that we have all been a child. At least at some point. Some of us might even think we still are. Equally valid, however, is the fact that our childhoods are rarely comparable. Many of us will have the ability to reflect on our childhood experiences filled with long sunny days, without a worry in the world, apart from what's for lunch. But for many others, it is far from carefree and straightforward. It is sometimes hard to imagine, but there is little meaning to the term 'child's play' for many children, which is why the small group of professional mountain bike riders that make up Team 31 is so critical.

Image of EF rider testing Procen in windtunnel

CFD simulation and testing

Competitive cyclists optimize every pedal stroke to deliver pure forward motion. Several details need to align to create precise forward motion on a bike, such as fitness, power, and technique, all of which are basic building blocks to building speed.

Image of cyclist riding in urban terrain in high vis colors

The principle of visibility

“I just didn’t see them until it was too late.” “I couldn’t stop in time; I didn’t see them soon enough.” Both common, valid, statements that are heard all too often in the aftermath of an accident. While some go further and try to shift blame on to the more vulnerable, more exposed party—a cyclist or a pedestrian—it’s always worth remembering the old adage “stay safe, stay seen” whenever we prepare for a ride.

Craig Murray

Craig Murray – It's all in the details

In skiing and life, Craig Murray carves an inventive line. He is a modern-day shapeshifter who is down-to-earth while also ambitiously visionary. As a ski film luminary, a Freeride World Tour medalist and World Cup mountain bike racer, and a dedicated advocate for making skiing more accessible and inclusive, Craig operates in global and local spaces all at once.

Hedvig Wessel on top of Storen

Hedvig Wessel and Storen – The mountain decides

The first time I climbed Store Skagastølstind (Storen) was in July 2022. It’s one of Norway's highest and most complex mountains, so I was motivated to climb it and intrigued by the difficulty, beauty, and adventure in front of me. We started with an evening approach, sleeping in our tent at the bottom of the mountain, and began our climb at 06:00. The climb went well. It was a long day mixed with scrambling, climbing, rappelling, glacier walking, and a long descent until, fourteen hours later, we got back to our car.

Image of Marco Odermatt racing

The thrill of the hunt

You could say Marco Odermatt was born to ski. Hailing from the Nidwalden region of the Swiss Alps––an area steeped in ski culture and history­­––he grew up in a family of skiers.

Image of FEM testing the Calyx

The science of multiple certification

Passing cycling safety standards and ski standards together followed processes similar to those we follow when creating single-activity helmets, whether for any form of cycling or on snow. Both sets of standards expose the helmet to the same types of impact tests, and with relatively similar levels of force. It was natural to fine-tune the process in order to ensure a single helmet could successfully pass both tests.

Image of testing pad

The new chamois project

As a cyclist, the chances are that the subject of cycling saddles and discomfort has been raised many times. Unusually, it is a topic that interests cycling friends and non-cyclists alike, with the latter especially intrigued with how modern cycling can develop products that seemingly make you more uncomfortable!


VPD: The material to protect your mobility

We test our body armour to the European EN1621 standard. Originally developed for motorcycle body armour, it has become the norm used across the bike and snowsports industries, given the similar types of impacts and forces users may experience. A key difference, however, is the range of body movement the wearer needs while performing. Here, we work to ensure that freedom of movement is always as high as possible. Protectors are graded to Level 1 or Level 2 standard, where Level 2 offers the most impact protection.

Image of Otocon full face helmet

The weightless expectation

This innovation process is born of these new demands, especially for helmets which need to protect when the going gets as tough as it gets, and then to be light and airy enough to pedal in all day long. And this is exactly how the Otocon came to be.

Image of Ventral MIPS and Propel together

Complement each other

Our lives are full of examples where a single thing can be complemented, making it even better. The simple equation where one plus one equals two no longer applies: instead it makes three.

Image of road on Mallorca


Whether you are threading your way through a rock garden, in the middle of the city, or out on the road before the sunrise, one thing is always the same; your vision is the gateway to decision making, safety and performance.