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Nexal Mid Clarity Comp

390.00 AUD

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Inspired by racing and scaled for smaller faces, the new Nexal Mid brings substance to a unique style. The addition of zygomatic bone covers builds on the idea that goggles do more than simply protect the eyes.


Hydrogen White/Uranium Black


Clarity Comp Low Light

Lens guide

Aventurine Yellow/Uranium Black
Flerovium Pink/Uranium Black
Fluorescent Orange/Hydrogen White
Garnet Red/Hydrogen White
Hydrogen White/Uranium Black
Uranium Black/Hydrogen White


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Product benefits

  1. Scaled for smaller faces

  2. Frame outriggers give a closer fit with a helmet

  3. Zygomatic bone covers

  4. Clarity Comp lenses

  5. Triple-layer face foam

Scaled for smaller faces, the Nexal Mid is the goggle that does more than simply protect your vis...

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