Sensor Systems

POC plays a major role in Force Protection by providing cutting-edge, compact, ultra broadband tunable notch and band pass filters for radio communications, wireless data systems, CREW systems, and jammers. Applications include dismounted, fixed site, land vehicle, shipboard, and airborne platforms. Our agile RF Filters enable assured communications in highly congested and highly contested electromagnetic environments.


Micro Weather Sensor

POC’s Micro Weather Sensor™ (MWS™) is a low-cost, lightweight, ruggedized, highly integrated environmental weather station capable of being deployed globally in remote locations.

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High Powered Tunable Agile Notch Filter

HIPTAN™ is a high performance, frequency agile notch filter technology designed to establish a new level of performance for systems requiring very low insertion loss, fast tuning speeds and deep notch attenuation while operating with high-power RF transmitters or high sensitivity receivers.

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Bandpass Filter

POC’s Agile Bandpass Filters (ABF) utilize technology similar to ANF. They employ a novel filter architecture that is rapidly tunable, with vastly improved power handling, resulting in a compact and inexpensive bandpass filter. It has been tested for frequency ranges from 300 MHz to 1 GHz, and can be improved to work beyond 8 GHz. They are especially suited for Software Defined Radio systems, acting as a pre-selection filter for the receiver.

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Avionics Systems

POC is a leader in advanced Mission Data Loaders, Data Transfer Systems, Crash Survivable Flight Recorders and high density Mass Storage systems that support new and legacy military and civil aircraft.

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Ground Systems

POC provides military, law enforcement and first responders with integrated wearable electronic solutions.

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Advanced Systems

POC provides long-range multi-sensor systems, hyper spectral detection and electro-magnetic detection systems that provide real-time ability to detect, recognize, identify and geo-locate distant targets.

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