SITA – Tactical Flex Display Unit

Product Information


Flexible E-ink PDA / Android OS / Monitor Display Smartphone Capabilities

SITA is a soldier-wearable, lightweight, compact display with PDA functionality. This flexible day/night readable display provides up-to-date tactical information while being covert, rugged, and requiring low power. The Information Technology Assistant (ITA) synergistically interfaces tactile networks and soldier systems. Features include:

  • Advanced energy-saving, flexible, sunlight readable 3.8 inch diagonal display
  • Rugged flexible display is ideal for harsh environments
  • Display is compatible with NVG equipment and non-emissive for covert operation
  • Advanced wired interfaces including full speed USB (480Mb/s) and analog video input for infrared cameras
  • Low Power Consumption ~0.2W (peak of 1.2W) using optimized power management algorithms
  • 16-channel GPS receiver with integrated L1 band
  • Addressable wireless communication (RX and TX) using ZigBee for downloading/uploading maps and tactical data


Lab demonstrations available.


Christian Veeris

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