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POCs industry leading immersive Head Mounted Display (HMD) provides the warfighter with a lookdown capability for access to critical mission data while on-the-move. Our lightweight, low profile and high resolution HMD is designed for plug-and-play operation into POCs Wearable network (Wearnet) and is the ultimate in remote viewing technology. Its rich contrast SVGA display is perfect for displaying images from a wearable computer, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle feeds or targeting systems. POCs HMD provides multiple helmet mounting options as well as custom cable assemblies and interfaces.

Key Advantages

  • High resolution SVGA (800×600) imagery using standard video interfaces
  • Ultra Compact and wide field of view (39.5° diagonal) optics with the use of anamorphic asphere design to provide undistorted imagery
  • Low weight (35g) with the use of single-element plastic optics to minimize head-borne weight.
  • Low power (250mW max) due to the use of organic light emitting diode (OLED) microdisplays thus minimizing battery usage.
  • Enhanced user integration and flexibility with simple clip on for rapid donning/doffing and adjustability to enable maximum viewable display resolution

Head Mounted Display: Patent Pending

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Field of View 39.5° Diagonal, 31.6° H x 24.2° V
Display Size 19.8mm x 15.2mm x 5.1mm
Display Type OLED
Display Resolution SVGA 800 x 600 pixels
Display Color Full color
Focal Distance >=2.5m
Video Display Rate 30 to 85 Hz
Temperature Limits -40ºC to +65ºC
Brightness and Contrast Luminance 43.8ft-L, 150cd/m2, contrast >300:1
Apparent Image Size ~1.5m x ~1.1m at 2.5m distance
Physical Eye Relief 27mm +/-7mm
Electrical Power ~250mW, 5V, 50mA


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