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The FLIPD system provides power management of body worn electronics though novel and intuitive connectorization that not only transmits power but also relays real-time power draw to a microcomputer for storage and presentation to the soldier. The system takes power input from both a body worn power source and a vehicle (i.e., tethered) allowing the mounted soldier easy access to vehicle / aircraft for fast recharging.


In production.

Avionics Systems

POC is a leader in advanced Mission Data Loaders, Data Transfer Systems, Crash Survivable Flight Recorders and high density Mass Storage systems that support new and legacy military and civil aircraft.

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Sensor Systems

POC plays a major role in Force Protection by providing cutting-edge, compact, ultra broadband tunable notch and band pass filters for radio communications, wireless data systems, CREW systems and jammers.

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Advanced Systems

POC provides long-range multi-sensor systems, hyper spectral detection and electro-magnetic detection systems that provide real-time ability to detect, recognize, identify and geo-locate distant targets.

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