JARVIS – Joint Avionics Reconfigurable Virtual Information System

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To address the need for a miniaturized, fault-tolerant, decentralized mission processing system, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) has developed the new Joint Avionics Reconfigurable Virtual Information System (JARVIS). The JARVIS as a decentralized mission processing architecture/system for various platforms that is capable of distributed processing amongst multiple fully capable mission computer nodes with a higher degree of fault tolerance/reliability allowing for at least a designation of Mission Critical with an objective of Flight Critical level of reliability operating in conformance with the Future Airborne Computing Environment (FACE) standard.

JARVIS is envisioned to reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP), increased interface speeds, and lower costs, compared to current monolithic systems. The objectives for the JARVIS are to provide a fault-tolerant (maintaining situational awareness even with the loss of 50% of the nodes), decentralized, distributed computing system capable of driving up to four extended graphics array/ high definition (XGA/HD) (720 p and 1080 p) displays. 


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