CIT X-RAY - Compton Imaging Tomography X-Ray

Product Information


The CIT X-Ray is a compact, robust, fully integrated, and high-resolution 3-D imaging system that can be used for Non-Destructive Evaluation of Thermal Protection System materials, composite materials and other structural materials during manufacturing and assembly processes.


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Frank Willis


  • Produces 3-D CIT images of complex components and structures with high resolution and contrast from one side
  • Inspection of non-uniform, multilayer, or complex structures including structures with air/vacuum voids
  • Works with multilayer non-uniform structures including aluminum, titanium, composite, and plastics through air gaps
  • Identifies liquid intrusion and differentiates between water, fuels and oils based on density
  • Provides accurate detection, localization and measurement of corrosion, contamination and other defects in-situ
  • Eliminates unnecessary tear-downs, lowering costs and improving aircraft availability

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