Emerging Technologies


Night Vision Goggles. Similar to conventional NVG with added advantages. New design based on company proprietary see-through or immersive Head Mounted Display with new IR and thermal sensors. More compact, lower profile, and lighter weight for integration into existing visors and goggles (no helmet necessary). On-demand zoom-in and -out.


Morphable Payload support Enabled Through Interface Standardization. Overcomes interoperability issues that plague existing platforms. Designed to support remote interface functions in nearly any avionics environment. Applications include UAVs, manned aircraft, commercial avionics, ground vehicles and shipboard applications.


Passive Standoff Threat Detection. A passive, multi-hyperspectral sensor system capable of detecting trace amounts of chemical contraband (drugs, explosives, etc.) at long standoff distances. Efficient and elegantly simple design adaptable to various requirements, applications and platforms.


Novel Fiber Optic Unified Strain Sensor System. The world’s first high-speed multi-axis optical micro-sensor and associated high-speed multiplexing fiber optic system that can monitor 3D shock and vibration conditions utilizing a single fiber optic line within missile canisters and missile bodies. Applications: Health monitoring of weapons systems, shock and vibration monitoring of land/sea vehicles, aircraft structures, bridges and civil structures.


Optical Proximity Sensor. Mini optical sensor for small caliber non-lethal munitions and proximity detection. Generates an electric output signal if a light reflecting target emerges at a predefined distance in front of the sensor.


Secure Parcel ISO Distributed Enhanced RFID. Advanced Container Security Device (ACSD) that protects against tampering and offers GPS tracking. Applications: homeland security, parcel tracking, carton security, anti-tampering, and piracy.


Modular, Adaptive Personal Power Strip. Low-profile and lightweight architecture that easily integrates into a combatant-worn vest. Designed to distribute power from a battery or military vehicle. MAPPS interconnectivity utilizes an intelligent SNAPNET® connector that includes electronics for device recognition, power regulation, and power monitoring.


Wireless Personal Information Carrier System. Compact, lightweight device that provides medical personnel with accurate and instantaneous access to patient medical records at a distance of 10 meters without physical contact. Features: 2-4 GB of wireless memory to store years of data, Multi-Chip Module to provide up to 1 year battery life, fast connectivity, fast data transfer, dual radio, and certified encryption to assure data security.


Chemical Agent Detector. Non-intrusive Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) detection device for use with Department of Defense (DoD) gas masks or garments. Provides the military with a reliable hands-free method to not only rapidly detect the presence of Nuclear/Biological/ Chemical (NBC) agents but also quantitatively identify them and notify the wearer of the extent of exposure during asymmetric warfare involving NBC agents.


Hand-Held Hemispherical Dome Emissivity And Reflectance Sensor System. Lightweight, portable spectrometer/reflectometer quickly verifies and quantifies the infrared properties of protective paints, coatings and defects directly on aircraft surfaces. Surface measurement applications include low observable military aircraft (e.g. B-2, F-22), special coated surfaces such as aircraft, vehicles, tanks, ships, spacecraft and equipment, commercial product surface evaluation, biological tissue evaluation.


Retro-reflection Optical Threat Scanner System. Eye-safe, laser-based, long range system for detection and identification of optical augmentation devices (OADs) such as periscopes, rifle scopes, weapons sights, or binoculars. This system can be installed on a ship or airborne platform to detect a submarine periscope surfacing within 1-30 km from the vessel within 5 seconds.


Sense and Avoid Insect Eye/Neuromorphic Sensor System. Insect vision-based sensor with low size and weight and the capability to allow Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to sense the presence of aircraft, report their location, and identify those on a collision course. Applications include military and commercial platforms, law enforcement and homeland security. Commercially, the SAVIEN sensor may be used for aerial photography, police surveillance, firefighting, rescue operation, traffic control, collision avoidance for the blind, robots, automobiles and trucks.


Laser-Assisted Coating Repair. Method for permanently repairing scratches in metal and ITO (Indium-Tin Oxide) coatings without removal of structure from aircraft, using an integrated handheld prototype system. Benefits include cost reduction of temporary repairs and complete replacement.